Why us

We are human

We become people who are passionate about your product or service and we help you to make your customers smile again.

We are metrics

We take the time to learn which metrics are most important to your business, align to them, and create workflows that help us meet KPIs.

We love tech

We make sure to use the best tools on the market to provide maximum efficiency and a stellar experience to your customers.

We like to see people happy ūüėĀ

In a changing world and increasingly focused on digital, Genie is the means that connects your business with your customers. With Genie, your Customer Support team will always be ready to provide a personalized, humane and efficient service, adapting to new technologies. and combining individualized attention that is so needed in business.


Retail & eCommerce

The pandemic has brought with it new challenges for e-commerce, as it is not just about having good products and services, but customers demand and expect faster response times for their inquiries and high quality customer service.

Professional Services

Lawyers, accountants, dentists, psychologists and administrators. Everyone needs support with the queries and requirements of their clients, we are here to help you.

Startups & Small Business

Having your own business is difficult. It requires a lot of effort and sacrifice, and forces you to learn about sales, accounting, law, and customer service. But if you don’t dedicate time to what really matters, you will never be able to achieve success. We can be your partners and help you achieve it.

Contact us

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2739 Conch Hollow DR, Brandon, Florida, Zip code 33511.


(305) 901-2671

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From USD$ 100 dollars per month onwards.

We will become your right hand and we will make an instant match. You’ll see!